Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my awning or canopy?
Wash with a mild soap (dish soap) with a sponge or soft brush, you can power wash, but if you get too close you will blow a hole in the fabric. This is not covered by your warranty. View Sunbrella’s instructions for proper care and cleaning.
How do I get mold or mildew off my awning or canopy?
We sell a product called mold and mildew remover.
How long of a guarantee do awnings have?
All awnings have a full 5 -year guarantee, plus an extended 5 years from Sunbrella.
I already have awnings, but the fabric is old and faded, can i re-use the frame?
Yes, we will inspect the old framework, and most of the time it can be reused, saving you money.
My manual retractable awning will not close all the way?
This usually means the awning was rolled in backwards, the fabric should always be rolled over the top. Please call the office, and any of our staff will be able to help you.
How long will my awning or canopy last?
Your awning or canopy should last approx. 15-20 years.
Is black awning fabric hotter than a lighter colour?
No, but it is the best choice in awning fabric colour, as it is the one that will fade the least.
Can my awning stay up during the winter?
Window and door awnings stay up year-round, retractable awnings are rolled back for the winter, canopies are made for year round use.
I have a motorized retractable awning what happens if the power goes out?
Unfortunately not much, we always tell our customers to roll their awning in if the weather is bad or they are leaving the house for any length of time. Also we sell as an option with all motorized awnings a manual over – ride for an addition cost.
Do dark colours fade faster?
No actually the darker the colour especially black, last longer than lighter colours.
My retractable awning is manual, can i add a motor afterwards?
Yes, we can install a motor. Additional charges may apply.
My awning or canopy leaks?
We sell a product called 303 fabric guard or Aqua-tite, that you can apply, which usually will last 2-4 years.



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